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danielle, age 26.

Livin a Buffy the Vampire Slayer life since '97

Stevie Nicks super fan

I watch a lot of TV


I’ve been thinking about the crossover tour a lot. I’ve even had dreams about it. It’s just this whole different world for us, you know? We’ve been working for this ever since we were kids. I guess I’m a little scared. Are they gonna love me, mama?
Yes, mija. They’re going to love you.

Selena (1997)

"I am in a dress, I have gel in my hair, I haven’t slept all night, I’m starved, and I’m armed! Don’t mess with me!"

"It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees."  -

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Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power.

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Father & daughter + slightly over-reacting to embarrassment. And lunch.


Without drugs I felt hollow and gutted, like I was missing essential organs. I grabbed at anything and anyone that looked like the glue which might mend my broken pieces. Nothing stuck.

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Jennifer Paige - Crush

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